Mar 28, 2019

2.5 million rupee water bill issued to a house in Ambalangoda

A bill of Rs. 2.5 million has been issued by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board for a house in Patabendimulla, Ambalangoda.

The owner of the house M.A.P Silva was speaking to the media said that:

"We had closed the house in the daytime. We have been receiving a bill amounting to around Rs. 600 on account number 33-040-090-157-13 till very recent. We got a bill of 1.5 lakhs in November, suddenly."

Ambalangoda Water Supply Board engineer Nathan Wickramanayake speaking on the issue said that,

“This house is surrounded by walls. Our officers cannot see the meter. Accordingly, an estimate has been made. The bill has been issued to the regulations of the water board. Subsequently, they carried out a local inspection and reduced the cost by 1.8 million rupees. Accordingly, the house owner should pay an amount of Rs.7 lakhs. That bill will be sent in the future.”

The amount has been estimated for 6 years. This house could have a water leakage. The house owner will be issued a revised bill soon.