Mar 28, 2019

I will not accept the Geneva resolution signed without my knowledge- President Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena has said that he is not prepared to jeopardise the country’s constitution or independence to appease the international forces or anyone else.

The President made this comment during a ceremony held in Meegahatenna yesterday (27).

The President said the proposal of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calling for the establishment of a commission on releasing the military-held lands in the North and East is based on false information given by non-governmental organizations. He emphasized that appointing a commission in this regard is completely unnecessary.

The President said that while he is prepared to accept the correct statements of the UNHRC, the government is in no way prepared to accept it’s wrong statements.

The President further said he deplores the adoption and co-sponsorship of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Resolution on Sri Lanka signed by the Sri Lankan High Commission on February 25. .

The resolution has been adopted without the knowledge of the President, the Foreign Ministry or its Secretary, said the President adding that due to the mistakes of our own parties these wrong decisions had been taken. Strongly rejecting this agreement the President said this is a blatant betrayal of our security forces, government and our people. He pointed out that the responsibility of the country’s foreign policy, international relations and international affairs lies with the President and not others below him.

The President said that even the delegation that was sent to Geneva was selected without his approval, adding that after February 25th he had changed the proposed delegation. He noted that the statement made by the Foreign Minister in Geneva was done in accordance with the instructions and advice given by him.

The imperialistic conspiracies which affected our country back then is again taking on a different approach, said the President, adding that although we need to have good foreign alliances, these should not interfere with the country’s politics and governance. The President vowed not to allow these foreign forces to control or dictate terms to Sri Lanka.