Mar 26, 2019

Nagananda elaborates on his prison experience Featured

Recently, Nagananda Kodithuwakku, who has taken legal action against alleged deforestation in Wilpattu and other corruption cases, has drawn attention of social media users.

He drew much attention after he was issued a restraining order by the Supreme Court order disbarring him for three years.

Nagananda Kodithuwakku has told the BBC that although he was suspended from practicing as an Attorney-at-Law, he will make arrangements to continue legal action he initiated.

According to country’s constitution, any citizen of the country can stand for a lawsuit and he added that he will act in the same manner and appear in person before the courts.

This is a very brief description of him.

Education and employment

His father was a clerk and mother was a housewife. Nagananda Kodithuwakku entered Ananda College to study for the GCE Advanced Level in the Commerce stream after completing his education at his village school. He started his career as a customs officer in 1978 and he had played a pivotal role in catching tax scammers.

Nagananda arrested

He was remanded in connection with the charge of accepting a bribe on February 13, 1986, he said. Nagananda recalled that information had been received that an accomplice of an underworld leader could have threatened his life. Hence, he had asked a separate prison cell for him.

Taxes cheating cricket stars

Nagananda states that after investigating four tax evaders, including two super cricket stars in Sri Lanka, and fining over four million rupees in 2001, he was again threatened with death. Nagananda, had migrated to England with his wife and children, on September 21, 2001 after Customs Officer Sujith Prasanna was shot dead in 2001.

Return to Sri Lanka

In 2009, he returned to Sri Lanka and said that he had started an anti-corruption campaign. He was questioned by BBC Sinhala service on the proposed constitution, devolution of power, punishment for criminals, reconciliation and economic and foreign policy as he is with the intention of contesting the next presidential election.

Presidential promises

Nagananda says that the policy statement he is going to put forward can be questioned before the law.

(Source BBC)