Mar 25, 2019

Mahinda’s views on UNP-SLFP national government Featured

Expressing his views on media reports that the President had taken a decision to form a national government, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said the UNP had formed the national government and ruled the country for four years and trying to form a national government again for just the little time left is a joke.

He had said this in response to a query by the Divaina newspaper.

The Opposition Leader was careful not to criticise the President, but added that if the UNP again forms a national government it would prove to the people that they are incapable.

Rajapaksa further said, “Today ministerial posts are given based on bribes and boas and not based on one’s own merit. The national government which could not work together over the past four years is again planning on forming a national government which is hilarious.

The people are not waiting for a national government but what they want is an election and on that day they will give their response.”

President’s approval?

However, despite that being the views of the Opposition Leader, the President is said to have told the UNP that he will not oppose the formation of a national government, the weekend newspaper reported.

Accordingly, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had said during the party leaders meeting that he would be taking measures to form the national government and increase the number of ministers.

It is reported that the proposal to form a national government would be submitted to parliament shortly.

The newspaper report stated that there would not be any objections to the formation of the national government from the President’s camp.

Under the new national government the current SLFP members who are supporting of the government would also be given ministerial portfolios.

Wijayamuni Soysa’s view!

Meanwhile, UPFA-MP Wijith Wijayamuni Soysa expressed his views regarding the formation of the national government at a ceremony held in Mirijjawela, Hambantota yesterday (24).

Voice Cut

Meanwhile, if a national government is formed, EPDP Leader Douglas Devananda is also expected to be given a ministerial portfolio.

According to a report by Neth FM, Devananda had said that he would discuss with the President and Opposition Leader and decide whether or not he would accept a ministerial post.

New understanding between the President and government!

Maithree Ranil 600px 16 11 19''There is a new understanding building up between the President and us” – Min. Rajitha

Meanwhile, expressing his views during an interview with a weekend newspaper, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne noted that there was a new understanding developing between the President and the government.

The Minister had said that with the development of better understanding between them and the President the UNP should not attack the president at a time when the SLPP is targeting the president and criticising him.

“The President took a huge decision when he joined us. He was the one who took the stand and convinced the SLFP group to vote in favour of the second reading of the budget.

Not just that, the President had also commended the budget as being very good and said if anyone had any objections they could present a better budget proposal. He challenged anyone who opposed it in this manner.

So under these circumstances, how can we defeat his expenditure heads? The President is working very cordially with us and as such, why should we oppose him?” Senaratne had noted.