Mar 24, 2019

Excavations at Mannar mass grave temporarily suspended. Featured

The Mannar Magistrate has ordered on the 22nd of this month to temporarily suspend the excavation of the Mannar Mass Grave for three months, according to the Judicial Medical Officer of the Mannar mass grave Shamind Rajapakse.

The decision was taken at a discussion held at the Mannar Magistrate's Court with the participation of experts and relatives of the disappeared.

The Magistrate also ordered that the skeletal remains which were discovered and not taken out to be covered by soil again for three months as the bones would be damaged, keeping them in an open environment.

In addition, the Magistrate also issued an order to Kelaniya University’s senior archeologist Professor Raj Somadeva and his team to submit the archeology report to the court within three months.

The final decision on the mass grave will be made after the report is submitted. Mannar magistrate Mr. Saranaraj ordered the skeletal remains to be temporarily covered with soil with the presence of all the stakeholders in a transparent manner.