Mar 21, 2019

‘No proposals without President’s knowledge’- Sumanthiran tells Sinhala Diaspora (video) Featured


TNA-MP M.A. Sumanthiran had explained to a group of Sinhala Diaspora members that it is a false notion that the President was unaware of the recommendations on Sri Lanka approved by the UNHRC so far. 

The Diaspora group known as the Patriotic Lankan Circle had said that the President was unaware of Sri Lanka co-sponsoring the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka, but Sumanthiran told them, “Nothing happens without the knowledge of the President.”

The team of officials attending the UNHRC sessions in Geneva were Foreign Minister Thilak Marapana, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Dr. Duren Raghavan, Foreign Affairs Secretary Ravinatha Ariyasinghe and Deputy Solicitor General A. Nerinpulle. 

Although the new proposal seeking further time was praised in parliament, according to Wasantha Keerthiratne and Dushanthi Hapugoda, the president’s approval had not been received.

The Sinhala group had confronted the MP while he was responding to a group of Tamil journalists.

Their first question was whether Sumanthiran was representing the government or an NGO.

In response, he pointed out that he was an opposition MP, adding that the government had agreed to investigate the war crimes allegations and accountability.

Budget and Geneva:

A Sri Lankan living in Italy who had a microphone of a leading media institution in Colombo in hand, asked Sumanthiran of having paved the way to come to Geneva as a result of TNA voting in favour of the budget.

However, denying these allegations, Sumanthiran said that this is not the first time he had attended the Geneva sessions and that he was there to discuss the manner Sri Lanka had kept to the pledges undertaken.
Irritated at their repeated questioning, Sumanthiran told them not to keep posing the same question repeatedly once he had given them an answer.

He emphasised that in there is to be reconciliation, the government must definitely keep to their promises.

Meanwhile, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara and the leaders of the World Patriotic Lankan Forum were seen attending the French based Tamil Human Rights Circle TCHR.