Jan 10, 2017

Maithri to be told to name Gota as PM candidate! Featured

Several senior SLFP ministers are planning to propose to president Maithripala Sirisena that ex-defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa be named their prime ministerial candidate, reliable sources told Sri Lanka Mirror.

The party’s central committee has already decided that president Sirisena should seek a second term at the 2020 election.

SLFP minister Sarath Amunugama has told BBC Sandeshaya that president Sirisena would be the only candidate who could gain a majority of votes out of the 27 per cent of minority communities.

At the same time, Gotabhaya should be in the forefront of the campaign to attract the majority Sinhala Buddhists, the ministers are of the view.

Accordingly, Sirasa TV is on a campaign for the ex-defence secretary’s political entry.

However, a young minister from the party told Sri Lanka Mirror that being a US citizen, Gotabhaya could not get elected even as an MP as per the 19th amendment to the constitution.

When contacted, a close associate of Gotabhaya claimed that that would not be an issue, as he had dual citizenship.

In the meantime, president Sirisena has told a group of UNP backbenchers that he was not prepared to join with Gotabhaya or any other Rajapaksa to govern the country.

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