Mar 20, 2019

War crimes: “perpetrators must be punished”- Sarath Weerasekara in Geneva (Video) Featured

Those guilty of having committed atrocities during the war in Sri Lanka should be punished, said Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara.

The former Navy Commander who had for the past ten years defended the Rajapaksa clan, made this statement during his visit to Geneva to attend the UNHRC sessions and object to the measures taken against Sri Lanka.

He referred to the war crimes as ‘wrong’.

“Be it during the war or after the war, if anyone has done wrong, they should be punished,” the Rear Admiral said when questioned by the IBC Tamil channel on alleged war crimes.

At the time he was making this statement, the members of the Patriotic Lankan Circle were also present.

He said the Sri Lankan judiciary is capable of handling these cases, adding that, “We will take care of our business” objecting to international observers.

Recently, Mahinda Rajapaksa had told a group of Tamil journalists that the military personnel who had committed atrocities during the war should be punished.

Sarath Weerasekara condemned the measures taken by Sri Lanka to co-sponsor the resolution which they had done four years ago and seeking more time to fulfil the pledges made. He said this is an unfortunate situation where the government is acting to please the Tamil Diaspora and western countries in order to remain in power.

A group of government representatives from the UNP and a group from the SLFP representing the President had attended the Geneva sessions.