Mar 17, 2019

Australian warships come SL with 1000-member army! Featured

An Australian army contingent of 1,000 members will arrive in Sri Lanka with four warships and an aircraft next week (23).

They will come to Sri Lanka for a joint military drill with Sri Lanka.

This is the biggest program of defense cooperation currently being implemented known as the Indo-Pacific IPE-2019, said Australian Deputy High Commissioner in Sri Lanka John Philip.

Newcastle washship equipped missiles, Canberra warship armed with a runway to land air planes, Parametra whip equipped antiaircraft missiles and Success warshipwill arrive at the Trincomalee harbor and  the war plan will land  at the Mattala Airport.

In accordance with the Australia - Sri Lanka defense cooperation, Sri Lanka has been chosen for this defense drill based on Sri Lanka's geographical location in the Indian Ocean.

The Australia has earmarked that Sri Lanka is an important country by the White Paper of Australia in 2016.

The training will be jointly organized by the Australian armed forces and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. Attention has been focused on maritime surveillance, naval training, and peacekeeping operations, etc during the joint exercises.

These warships are due to leave for India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore following the exercises in Sri Lanka.