Mar 16, 2019

Mujibur asks for protection from underworld! Featured

UNP-MP Mujibur Rahuman has written to the Speaker seeking protection due to threats from rival underworld gangs as allegations have been levelled against him that he has connections with certain underworld gangs.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya had in turn forwarded the letter to the IGP to look into this matter and take necessary measures.

Mujibur Rahuman had been linked with the underworld figure Kanjipani Imran who has been arrested in Dubai together with Makandure Madush, as Mujibur had attended the opening of a taxi service owned by Kanjipani’s disciple Riskan and these photographs were published.

Rahuman had claimed that the building seized by the STF said to belong to Kanjipani Imran, belonged to him, adding that certain parties are engaged in a smear campaign against him on social media. As a result, Rahuman told media that he is facing threats from other rival underworld gangs.

He had stated that he had also complained to the Colombo Crimes Division too regarding this matter.

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