Mar 15, 2019

Continuous protest against Mannar Navy camp (video) Featured

Mannar resident who are engaged in a protest for nearly three weeks demanding the removal of the Navy camp that sits on their ancestral lands belonging to around 200 families, have expressed disgruntlement over the government’s failure to intervene.

The Tamil and Muslim members of around 218 families launched this protest on February 20 in Silawathura village in the Musali DS Division.

“Until the Navy vacates our lands, we will not stop this protest,” the Maulavi of the Silawathura main mosque said. 

The protestors told journalists who had gone there together with the Manna Socio Economic Development Centre representatives expressed disgruntlement over the lack of concern by the state officials. 

“The DS office is just close by. But despite the fact that around 218 families are destitute and helpless, no one came to see to our plight. We are very hurt,” said Maulavi A.G.M. Hilmy. 

The protestors warned that the protest has been held peacefully, but if the authorities fail to address their issues without delay, they would be forced to take stern action. 

“If that happens, we will be forced to take our protest opposite the state offices and other institutions, warned Mohommed Abu Saib. 

“If that too does not work, then we will stage a protest opposite the Presidential Secretariat gate.”

According to one of the protesting mothers, these lands consisted of schools, religious places and social centres for over five generations. 

Meanwhile, it has been over two years for the protest launched by the Keppapilavu residents demanding the return of their lands which are occupied by the military.