Mar 08, 2019

Rs. 6000 m allocated for education unutilized Featured

According to Auditor General's report Ministry of Education has not utilized over Rs. 6000 million for any purpose and over 5000 students have been enrolled in schools violating government circulars.

Issuing a statement The Ceylon Teachers Union has revealed that according to the Annual Report for 2017 issued by Auditor General the funds allocated for 15 capital expenditure items and 10 recurrent expenditure items , which amounts to Rs 6163.56 million have not been utilized for any purpose.

Furthermore Rs 5000 million allocated for providing tablet computers for students; Rs 6 million allocated for employee training and Rs 10,006 million allocated for renting computers have also not been utilized.

The Ceylon Teachers Union further alleges that the government which came into power stating that 6% of the GDP will be allocated for education has spent less than 2% for it and the government has implemented a mechanism to maintain the schools by collecting money from the parents who are requested to make payments for different activities.

According to the report, the Supreme Court ordered the number of students to be admitted to a Grade 1 class in 2017 as 39. However, it is said that 5,504 children have been enrolled in 89 national schools exceeding the said limit.

Even this year (2019) children have been enrolled in schools violating the Supreme Court ruling, which has severely inconvenienced the parents causing a serious issue, the union states.

The Ceylon Teachers Union further states that in many occasions it has pointed out that the current government is only engaged in mere propaganda projects neglecting educational development and the Auditor General's report provide evidence to this fact.

Furthermore government continues to promote failed projects such as '13 Years of Education' and 'Nearest School is the Best School' and even though the budget of this year encourages private educational institutes ,it has not implemented any mechanism to establish free education, the union alleges.