Mar 05, 2019

100,000 people without toilets in Hambantota

Hambantota District, which saw a splurge of mega projects in the form of Los Angeles style Highways, Chinese style Conference Halls and Sports Stadiums, have around 100,000 people without even the most basic of sanitary facilities, said the Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

The Minister of Finance Managala Samaraweera presenting the Budget proposal for the Year 2019 to the Parliament today (March 05) stated that the population who does not have access the proper toilet facilities exceeds 1 million and there are 25,000 houses in Monergala which does not have a toilet.

Rs 1000 million of funds have been allocated to improve sanitary facilities at public places and such facilities will be provided for men, women and those with special needs, the Minister said.

He further stated that in order to increase the nutrition levels of the school children a glass of milk will be provided.

Vehicle tax

The import tax on petrol vehicles under 800 cc has been increased by Rs 150,000 while petrol vehicles under 1000 cc have been by Rs 175,000 cc. The import tax on petrol vehicles under 1300 cc has been proposed to be increased by Rs 500,000.

The import tax on hybrid petrol vehicles too has been increased under the proposed budget. The tax on hybrid petrol vehicles under 800 cc has been increased by Rs 250,000 while the hybrid petrol vehicles under 1500 cc by Rs 500,000.

However, the import tax on electric motor vehicles of 70 kilowatts has been decreased by Rs 175,000.

The import tax on three-wheelers of 200 cc has been increased by Rs 60,000.

Excise duty on Cigarettes, which are more than 60 mm, will be increased by 12%, resulting in an increase of Rs. 5 per stick on average.

Excise duty on hard liquor manufactured locally will be increased by 8% and malt liquor by 12% will be done based on indexation effective from March 06, 2019 where the minimum annual duty increase is according to an index capturing annual inflation and income growth.

"Home Sweet Home " for newly married couples

A housing loan scheme named “Home Sweet Home” will be introduced for newly-wedded couples with 6% interest rate and a 25-year repayment period with a 2-year grace period.

The loan scheme worth Rs 10 million is repayable in 25 years with a 2 year grace period. The interest rate for the proposed housing scheme is 6%.