Mar 03, 2019

Lalkantha won't be expelled : Motion to be filed for bail 

JVP MP Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa says that they will submit a motion for bail on behalf of LalKantha who is remand custody at present.

Nalinda Jayatissa added that news items that are being propagated in social media that Lal Kantha who is in remand custody for drunk driving and committing an accident to be expelled from the party are false. 

He said that Lal Kantha had been involved in an accident and he did not flee from the place and  surrendered to the police after the accident. The MP highlighted that incident should be dealt with  the law of the country, and, accordingly, the judiciary has already taken an action.

He noted that the party would take care of matters of the party within itself, and what websites or the police spokesman said are not relevant to party decisions.