Mar 01, 2019

Are FB & Whatsapp messages under govt. surveillance?

Sri Lanka Translation Community says that the news item being circulated on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media that a new set of regulations will be introduced for telecommunication from tomorrow is false.

According to the message, all phone calls made by the public will be recorded, and all messages sent through social media will be monitored by the Ministry of Defense. In addition to the messages, videos and photographs published by all social media will be monitored by the authorities, the fake news items say. Moreover, it is stated that especially if social media is used to propagate unnecessary information, such persons can be arrested under internet crimes.

The "New Communications Regulations" are some of the efforts of some people to mislead the public, and the Sri Lanka Translation Community asks the public to refrain from spreading such news if you receive.

The Community explain that the Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defense has never monitored the messages that are exchanging public information through social media and there is no technology or facilities available in Sri Lanka so that all social media data sharing on social media networks to be monitored. They also say no approval has been given to the Sri Lankan government to do such thing by the social media networks.

Also, under the Computer Crime ACT, No. 24 OF 2007 or the Cybercrimes Act No 19 of 2006 or the Electronic Transactions Act No. 30 of 2006, there is no possibility of arresting people on content publishing on social media, the community stressed.