Feb 28, 2019

Asian Aviation Centre students in jeopardy Featured

The students at the Asian Aviation Centre allege that the standard of the school has deteriorated.

They charge that having spent a huge amount to enter this establishment with the hope of finding employment in the airline industry, they feel that with the current standard of the centre, it would be hard to even find employment in the hotel trade.

One of the main shortcomings is that the students have not been given proper text books and they lack standard practical training facilities.

The students claim that prior to joining the Asian Aviation Centre they had been promised numerous facilities, but thereafter the management is uninterested in their education and only focusses on collection of fees.

Unsuccessful airhostess training course

The Asian Aviation Centre commenced a new course called the Air Hostess Training Course and although they have currently recruited three batches of students, no one has even gone for an interview, let alone get employment.

There is a massive campaign on social media regarding this issue and one of the students had stated that although students had been prepared for interviews, so far not a single interview had been held.

Following is such a dialog on social media.

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Blocking of social media disallowing comments

The moment any of the students who had followed this course from outer areas complain about their plight on the centre’s social media site, they are blocked and they are banned from re-entering that site.

 Able trainers resign

In a show of disapproval of the school’s policies of charging students but not providing them the desired training, several of the best trainers of this school had resigned over the recent past, which is another factor that has led to the downfall of the Asian Aviation Centre, it is reported.

Aeronautical engineering students orphaned!

Within Sri Lanka, irrespective of where one is trained, the most sought after employment opportunities are at Sri Lankan Airlines. However, they too have taken a decision to only offer on the job training to students who follow the course at their training centre.

Due to this decision, the students at the Asian Aviation Centre have been deprived of an opportunity to receive on the job training.

It is reported that these engineering students cannot gain employment anywhere without wide bodied aircraft training. However, as Sri Lankan Airlines has refused to accept the Asian Aviation Centre students, they are facing a pathetic plight, it is reported.