Feb 27, 2019

Presanna makes fun of incapable politicians (pics) Featured

The Prime Minister should be given an award for the joke of the century where he claimed that drug racketeers were being arrested thanks to the 19th Amendment,said SLPP Gampaha District leader MP Prasanna Ranatunge.

He questioned whether the drug racketeers and underworld gang leaders had fled the country during Mahinda Rajapaksa’s rule, adding that these incapable rulers are trying to cling onto the 19th Amendment to save their souls.

Ranatunge made these comments during a programme held to educate members of the first SLPP international branch in Kuwait on February 25. He further said, “The 26th of this month is a special day as it was on this date that the massive Central Bank scam took place. Now it’s been four years since the Central Bank Bond scam happened amounting to billions, but to date, none of these rogues have been punished. This government came into power on January 09th 2015 with the promise of bringing rogues to book, but within two months of assuming office they cleaned out the Central Bank, not once but twice.

Now the underworld and drugs have become the main income sources in the country and drugs are everywhere in the country. The Prime Minister claims that the drug racketeers could be caught because of the 19th Amendment. What rubbish is that? During Mahinda Rajapaksa’s tenure, did he eradicate the drugs and underworld because of the 19th Amendment?

The Prime Minister only knows to crack such jokes. Sagala, Ranjith Madduma Bandara of the new government was in charge of law and order for the past four years, but what good did they do? They only allowed the Nilame’s to do as they pleased and bend the laws. The underworld that was kept under control by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was given a new lease of life by the Good Governance Government.

The people’s democratic rights are being flouted openly. Its been two years since the Provincial Councils have been dissolved, but still there is no election in sight and even the TNA who demanded more powers to the provinces, are now silent.

As for the JVP, there is no point in talking about them. The JVP who came out in full force to save Ranil Wickremesinghe when Mahinda Rajapaksa became Prime Minister are now silent after Ranil returned to his seat. They are reluctant to speak up about the elections for fear of hurting their master’s feelings.

The TNA and the JVP are the government’s clutches. They should be ashamed of their actions. It is finally the people who should decide on ending such political parties.

The SLPP Kuwait meeting was held under the patronage of MP Namal rajapaksa and MP Prasanna Ranatunge at the Hawali Boy scout Hall.