Feb 26, 2019

Son protests against mom on environmental damage

A group of villagers engaged in a protest in front of the Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat yesterday (25th) morning against issuing of sand mining license for a private land in Godegedara.

A son of the owner of the land to be excavated for sand was also supported the protestors and the owner, his mother, has been engaged in the protest merely.

The demonstrators pointed out that if sand mining is done in lands in the area, water springs will be affected and there will be a great environmental damage.

The son of the owner of the land, speaking about this, said,

"This land is owned by my mother. Me too was tried solicited with bribes to continue this sand scam. But I did not accept their bribes. May be my mom or somebody else, whoever do this it is wrong to mine sand here. If it happens, surely we will lose water springs in the Godagedara area. In addition, there are other environmental problems. Hence, I have joined the protest. "

The owner of the land, Nalini de Zoysa said,

"My son and other protestors are crazy. We have received recommendations and licenses from five institutes to mine sand here. All the institutes have recommended that it won’t result any negative impact by mining sand here. I don’t care about the protestors.”

Bandu Lal Bandarigoda, MP, had come to the place and held a discussion with the protesters.

A group of representatives of the protestors went to the Divisional Secretariat, Balapitiya along with the MP to hand over a letter mentioning their demands. Divisional Secretary B. P. S. Anuradhi said that a joint investigation will be conducted in this regard in the future.