Feb 26, 2019

What happened to the advertising funds the president received in 2015 Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena declared open the Kidney Disease Treatment and Concessionary Centre of the Kandy Teaching Hospital utilizing Rs.628 million from the National Kidney Fund.

The Kidney Disease Prevention Fund was established utilizing the funds received when President Maithripala Sirisena contested the January 08th, 2015 election.

Expressing his views at this event, President Maityhripala Sirisena said, “When I decided to run for presidency, I made a decision not to have cut-outs, banners or posters for my campaign but instead wanted the money deposited into an account for kidney patients. This fund for kidney patients was initiated by me personally and during the campaign, I remember we had collected around Rs. 50-60 million.

After I became the President, the first thing I did through the 2015 budget proposal was to establish this account as a kidney fund. Thereafter, as a government fund it grew with all the donations it received. Now this fund is managed by the government and we have received huge amounts of funds from local donors. All this 628 million is through donations. We have not spent a cent from the government. It is the same with the centre at Anuradhapura. We currently operate welfare centers for kidney patients country-wide through these funds.”

This building has been named as the Dr. Tilak Abeysekara Kidney Disease Treatment and Concessionary Centre. This was built by the tri forces personnel, while a similar building is currently under construction in Anuradhapura. That center is expected to be declared open next month.