Feb 26, 2019

Why was a police team sent to Seychelles? Featured

A team of officers led by the Narcotics Bureau Chief DIG Sajeewa Medawatte had left for the Seychelles on February 24.

They had gone to the Seychelles to investigate the drug racket taking place between the two countries.

The rest of the team includes IP Subodha of the Narcotics Bureau and SI Premalal of the STF.

The team had gone to Seychelles with regard to the investigations pertaining to the 231 kg of heroin that was detected and seized in Beruwala on December 18 by the PNB based on a tip-off received by the STF.

A racket where heroin is brought to Sri Lanka by boat from Pakistan and then taken to Seychelles hidden in fishing boats had come to light during the investigations.

A millionaire trawler owner from Beruwala is currently in custody regarding this racket.

Investigations had revealed that he had transported hundreds of kilos of heroin by boat to Seychelles on several occasions.

It was also revealed that this boat owner has a wife in Seychelles and he had engaged in the drug racket together with her brother.

A report on the investigations had been handed over to the Seychelles authorities and the Sri Lankan police team had gone to the Seychelles as a result of these investigations.

During the Rajapaksa regime, diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and the Seychelles had developed and the Seychelles Deputy President Vincent Meriton had visited Sri Lanka on a two day official visit on January 31.

Meanwhile, a team was sent to Seychelles previously to investigate allegations that members of the previous regime had deposited illegal money in that country, but so far it is unknown as to what the outcome of these investigations were.

In 2011 a Bank of Ceylon branch was opened in the Seychelles without the approval of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. According to the Finance Ministry, there are around 64 Sri Lankans living in Seychelles.