Feb 25, 2019

A con-artist arrested tried to dupe youth

The Galle Police have arrested a suspect who had allegedly collected money promising foreign jobs in Japan through parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara.

The suspect has been identified as a resident of Hapugala in Galle. He has been engaged in overseas jobs racket saying that he would be able to secure employment opportunities in Japan and that he needs Rs. 2 lakhs for that. The police have apprehended the suspect when he was planning to taka Rs. 2 lakhs from a youth.

Manusha Nanayakkara said that there is no need to pay brokers for any foreign employment.

Speaking further,

"The government has taken steps to ensure lucrative foreign employment opportunities to Sri Lankan youth. Accordingly, we have taken measures to increase the number of employment opportunities in Japan. Japan's job opportunities are provided free of charge. No one has to give money for that. If someone is involved in collecting money for foreign employment, inform about them immediately. We will take severe action against such con-artists, "he said.

Police Sergeants Udaya Kumara and Mahilal and Police Constable Rohana joined the operation on the instructions of Acting OIC of the Galle Police IP Dhammika.