Feb 25, 2019

Rathgama businessmen’s murder: Ravi Wijegunawardena arrested! Featured

The investigations being carried out with regard to the two businessmen from Rathgama, Boossa who were abducted and murdered, many suspicious factors had been discovered regarding the Senior DIG who was in charge of the Southern Province Ravi Wijegunawardena, according to Police Headquarters sources.

These sources said that Ravi Wijegunawardena who is currently transferred to Police Headquarters is likely to be arrested within the next few days. 

The two businessmen were taken into custody by the Special Crimes Operations unit which functioned under the Southern Province Senior DIG Ravi Wijegunawardena on January 23. 

Investigations have revealed that a police officer functioning under the Senior DIG had made a note in the log book that they were going on an operation to arrest two persons on that day. 

Suspect found dead during interrogation:

The two businessmen 33-year-old Manjula Asela and 31-year-old Rashen Chinthaka was being interrogated with regard to possession of an illegal firearm and due to the severe assaulting during interrogation, one of the businessmen had died.  

Later, the suspected police officers had assaulted and murdered the other businessman as well and burnt and disposed of their bodies at a jungle area in Walasmulla. 

The investigating CID officers had discovered several parts of hair, nails and bones of the businessmen in the Walasmulla, Medagangoda forest area. 
According to the investigations carried out so far, it has been revealed that 13 police officers had participated in the arresting of the two businessmen. However, of them five police officers had been involved in murdering the two businessmen and disposing of their bodies. 
Among the five suspected police officers, Nishantha Silva and Sub-Inspector Viraj Madhushanka are already in custody.