Feb 22, 2019

A suspect who sold N.C. estate children nabbed

A suspect has been arrested by the Hatton Police Anti-Vice Unit with 7 kilograms and 500 grams of narcotic substance called N.C. today (22).

The drug has been illegally imported from India. The suspect has hidden the narcotics in his residence at the Gaminipura area in Hatton. He had planned to sell the stock to school and the Hatton Police Anti Vice Squad raided the suspect's house on a tip-off received.

The drugs were packed in 750 tin cans, in 30 small boxes and each can contained 10 gram narcotic packets. The Hatton division police officers who conducted the raid said the narcotics were intended to be distributed among school children and estate workers at a very high rate. The culprit has been running the scam for a long time.

The value of the arrested drug has not yet been estimated and the suspect and the narcotics will be produced before the Hatton Magistrate's Court.

Pics - Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton

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