Feb 22, 2019

Mahinda disapproves illegal appointments

Opposition leader Mahinda Rajapakse has said that though the government promised to act on wrongful promotions made violating the circulars and taking political vengeance from qualified employees in the SLTB, when he questioned in parliament, nothing has been done so far.

Recently, in parliament, he questioned about the granting of political promotions, transfers and political revenge contrary to the administrative circulars of government institutions.

He stated that those who are in the positions such as driver, conductor and technical officer, have unlawfully been promoted to executive posts and qualified employees have been sidelined from their positions. The opposition leader said that such political interferences will make SLTB again a loss making venture. He said that the aim of the present government is to make governmental organization unprofitable and sell them to their cronies at extremely lower rates.

He said that Management Circular No. 04 of 2018 and financial Circular No. 01 issued on Public Administration Circular No.06/2006 and 03/2016 in respect of promotions and salary increments during the past few weeks is a complete violation of administrative law.

The opposition leader emphasizes that the government should immediately stop wrongful promotions and take measure to immediately reverse removal of qualified employees from their due positions and cancel transfer orders. He also said that it needs to stop the recruitments that breach the approved cadre.