Feb 20, 2019

Dead sea in Bay of Bengal

Former Navy Commander Dr. Jayanath Colombage says that Sri Lanka and a few other countries could be seriously affected by the dead sea of the 60,000 sq. kilometers created in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.

He made this observation delivering a lecture at Mahinda College, Galle.

There is no oxygen in this dead sea and its nitrogen gas is also being depleted.

"In the case, the biggest enemy of the ocean of Sri Lanka and the entire world is plastic, the amount of plastic in sea areas will be increased to 17.5 million metric tons in the territorial waters of Sri Lanka by 2025. Perhaps, this could be higher." he said,

"A single plastic bottle in the sea takes about 400 years to decay, but it does not end up being completely decomposed, because of the increased heat the plastic broken to particles. They are called mono plastics or nanoparticles. The fish eat nano plastic particles. So we consume plastic through fish inadvertently ".

"As a result of partaking poisonous stuffs through our food, our children and adults are increasingly affected by various diseases, and all of these thrown plastics are stored in the ocean and come to our body through food chain."

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