Feb 17, 2019

STF to nab 30 underworld members Featured

30 underworld gang members in the Southern and Western Provinces have been identified and are to be arrested by the Police Special Task Force (STF) under a special operation.


It has been revealed that these underworld members are involved in crimes like drug trafficking, murders and extortion.

Most of the criminals who are to be apprehended are supporters of Makhadu Madhush who has been detained in Dubai.

Among these, there are two underworld leaders.

Information has been revealed that some underworld figures have used several women as their mistresses to obtain support for illegal activities.

Information has been uncovered that these women who have been illicit lovers of the underworld leaders have been given luxury vehicles, houses and lands.

It has been reported that those who had links with Makandure Madush and several other underworld leaders arrested in Dubai have fled their places as well with advancing operatons.

Meanwhile, prison sources say that Madush had assigned some of his supporters to see inmates on daily basis who had been detained and arrested in connection with some of the illegal activities carried out on the instructions of Madush. Meanwhile, they also refrain from visiting their friends in the prisons.