Feb 17, 2019

Government has ignored human security of Sri Lankans Featured

No government came to power since 2009 has considered about human security of Sri Lankans than national security of the state and Central Government, Provincial Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas should work together to ensure human security, Coordinator of the Modernization and Development Forum Vidya Abeygunawardena has told 'Ravaya'.

Abeygunawardena speaking on use of illegal weapons in Sri Lanka said that in order to prevent the use of illegal weapons, the Commission on Small Arms in 2005 should be re-enforced.

He observed that Sri Lanka has not yet been attached to the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty of 2014, if so technical and financial strength required to reduce unlawful use of arms could be obtained from international bodies, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not show any interest in this regard.

Further, he pointed out that it is imperative to change the fines imposed on unauthorized fire arms and imprisonment period under the relevant Ordinance and the legislation has not been updated for 22 years.

Meanwhile, according to the IGP's orders, since January 01, 2019, a comprehensive program is being implemented to arrest illegal weapons in the country, police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said.