Feb 16, 2019

Three way contest for TNA leadership! Featured

A leadership crisis is said to be brewing within the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

After the current leader 86-year-old R. Sampanthan, there seems to be a three way contest for the top seat of the party between M.A. Sumanthiran, Mawei Senadhirajah and E. Sarawanabhawan. .

It is also reported that there is a notion that the TNA leadership should be borne by a person who was born in the North and whose religion is Hinduism.

However, the next in line Mawei Senadhirajah is also said to be in a state of declining health.

Meanwhile, Sumanthiran is said to be having the backing of the Diaspora, but several of the other Tamil parties and opposing him.

On the other hand, Sarawanabawan claims that he should be the one who takes on the party leadership, or he should be given the Northern Chief Minister post, the Tamil media had reported.

It is reported that in order to get support for his quest to claim leadership of the party, Sarawanabawan had met the Ambassadors of Canada, France, Switzerland and several other countries last week.