Feb 15, 2019

Request to president to cancel ATG tax concessions (video) Featured

Several unions staged a protest yesterday urging the president to cancel the tax concessions granted to a multinational company in Katunayake who has allegedly violated the workers right to organise themselves.

They had made the request to the president who is the head of the Investment Board with regard to ATG Ceylon who had ousted the workers union leaders from service and not paid heed to the workers’ rights despite their months long protest.

Around 500 workers engaged in a protest against the sacking of five labour union heads including the President of the ATG free trade zone and common services workers union, organiser and deputy secretary, for having organised a blood donation campaign two years ago.

The company is said to have threatened to sack the striking workers too.
These workers allege that the government is also maintaining silence despite the arbitrary actions of these company owners and handed over a letter to the president at the Presidential Secretariat seeking his intervention to resolve this issue.

According to the Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees Union (FTZ&GSEU) Co-Secretary Anton Marcus, 27 union leaders have signed the letter that was handed over to the president.