Feb 14, 2019

Protest against milk powder importers Featured

A protest was conducted today (14 Feb) by a group of women in front of Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine against the importation of powdered milk which contains harmful substances.

The members of Lakmawa Diyaniyo women's organisation, affiliated to the National Freedom Front participated in the protest.

Following the demonstration the group of leaders of Lakmawa Diyaniyo along with its national organizer of Ms. Priyanga Kothalawale took further measures to hand over a letter of objection to the Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

The letter contained five measures that can be taken to prevent the powdered milk which contains harmful substances being imported to Sri Lanka.

The five measures are as follows.

01. Making it compulsory to test the stocks of imported milk powder at internationally accredited labs for palm oil or lard and submit the reports proving that it contains only milkfat prior to being released from the harbour.

02. Obtaining test reports on the composition of the milkfat by the Food Control Administration Unit of Health Ministry prior to releasing the imported milk powder from the harbour.

03. Taking measures to prevent the unacceptable interactions between Health Ministry personnel and milk powder manufacturers.

04. Taking legal action under the Food Act to prevent invasive and inappropriate propaganda by foreign companies and compel the Consumer Affairs Authority to introduce a pricing formula to prevent the fraudulent process of recovering the money from the consumer.

05. Impose an import license system to control the importation of powdered milk and compel Treasury officers not to grant illegal tax relaxations to provide import quotations to importing companies.


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