Feb 12, 2019

Mannar mass grave cable sample report soon Featured

The report from the samples taken from the Mannar mass grave and sent to Florida, USA for carbon testing is expected by February 14th, according to the Consultant JMO in charge of the Manna mass grave excavations Dr. Saminda Rajapaksa.

He said that excavations were carried out for the 141st day yesterday, and so far 315 skeletal parts of human bones had been found and of them skeletal parts of 307 bodies had been recovered. Among those recovered are the remains of 26 children.

Rajapaksa noted that six of the skeletal parts were sent to Florida for carbon testing on January 23 and the report is expected on February 14th.

The Consultant JMO added that the laboratory had been instructed to forward copies of the report to the Magistrate’s Court and himself.

The bone samples to be sent to Florida were taken in the presence of a team of consultant JMOs, a group of archaeologists from the Kelaniya University headed by Senior Lecturer Raj Somadeva, officials from the Office of the Missing Persons, Government Analysts, representatives of family members of those reported missing in Mannar, lawyers and several others, based on an order by the Mannar Magistrate.

Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.