Feb 12, 2019

Salterns in Puttalam hit by torrential rains (Pics)

Small scale salt industry in Puttalam has been severely hampered due to the high rainfall which has been affecting many parts of Puttalam.

People who sustain their livelihood by salt industry say salterns in Puttalam, Anakuttuwa, Sevanthivu, Manthivu and several other places have been hit by heavy rainfall, this has resulted in salt production being curtailed.

In the past few months, floods with torrential rains have affected many parts of Puttalam and people have been unable to produce salt in due course, most of the salt productions were melted, resulting a severe loss.

According to entrepreneurs in the salt industry their industry has been largely economically profitable due to the drought prevailed, and they say that they have been unable to harvest their production with ongoing rainy weather.

Pics Priyankara Kalupahana - Puttalam

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