Feb 12, 2019

House in Jaffna petrol-bombed (Pics)

A housing unit at Nayarmakandu in Nallur, Jaffana has been petrol-bombed by an unidentified group of people last afternoon (11), the Jaffna Security Forces stated.

A group of persons who had covered their faces have carried out the bomb attack.

The security forces said a van parked in the house premises was completely destroyed and three motorbikes and windows of the house were also damaged.

The security personnel said the attack had been carried out from outside the wall when the gates were closed.

There were no casualties caused to the people in the incident and only property was impaired.

Security forces say that, during the recent past, many areas including Nallur, Kopay were subjected to similar incidents.

Jaffna police are conducting further investigations.

Pics: - Madawa Kulasuriya - Vavuniya