Feb 12, 2019

No drug case against Madhush!

There is no lawsuit has been filed in Sri Lanka under drug trafficking against internationally spread drug kingpin Makandure Madush, say the police.

According to police sources, no evidence has been found to prove that he was engaged in drug trafficking though he has been known as a drug dealer on a massive scale.

Police had never been able to arrest Makandure Madush for heroin rackets as he was operating in Dubai, leading a giant drug smuggling nexus.

Meanwhile, Makandure Madush is alleged on offences with due evidence on assassinating former Chairman of the Southern Development Authority Danny Hettiatiyage and killing of six individuals including Ranale Samayan in a Kalutara prison bus .

But Madhush was in the Negombo Prison when Danny Hettietiyage was killed and Samayan and other prisoners were assassinated once he was in Dubai.

Though Madhus has been behind many crimes including heroin smuggling, no evidence has been consolidated to prove allegations against him, the police further stated.