Feb 01, 2019

Administrative Service Union out of Customs Unions struggle

The Sri Lanka Administrative Service Union which supported the Customs Unions strike action against the decision taken by the Cabinet to appoint a retired Navy officer to replace the current Customs Director General Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, have withdrawn from the strike action.

They had taken this decision based on the action taken by the Finance Ministry to appoint the Finance Ministry Additional Secretary H.G. Sumanasinghe, who is a senior administrative officer, as the Customs Director General.

When we spoke to the President of the Sri Lanka Administrative Services Union Prabath Chandrakeerthi, he said that the matter had been discussed with the Finance Ministry Secretary yesterday and that they had received a positive response to both their demands. Hence, they had opted out of the union action.

He said that one demand was to hold a proper investigation regarding the removal of the current Customs Director General P.S.M. Charles and appoint an Administrative Service officer to oversee her duties. They had received a positive response to both these demands, he said.