Jan 31, 2019

Highest sound pollution in Keerthi’s territory!

The highest sound pollution is said to be in the Southern Province from Hikkaduwa to Weligama, said Southern Province Governor Keerthi Tennakoon.

Expressing his views to the media the Governor said, a special programme would be launched with the assistance of the police and the provincial councils within the next week, to address this issue.

He said, “Currently bus drivers toot their horns like a song for an extended period. This is the situation with almost all private busses. If we do not address this issue soon, it will become a huge issue in the future, not only for the South, but for the whole country. Therefore, together with the police and the provincial council, we will launch a programme to check the busses at selected spots. We will first warn the drivers in the event their horns are found to be too loud, if they do not adhere, strict action would be taken against them.”