Jan 29, 2019

Fire engulfs estate line houses (photos)

A fire that had engulfed a line of estate houses in the Bonacott section of the Robgill Estate, had completely destroyed 12 line houses, according to the Bogawanthalawa Police.

The fire had erupted at around 11.45 this morning and as the occupants were out at work, the fire had spread rapidly destroying their belongings, including vital documents.

However, the fire had been brought under control by a group of estate workers with the assistance of the Hatton, Dik-oya Municipality Fire Brigade.

However, no one was injured in the fire, but 42 members belonging to 12 families have been left homeless as their homes were destroyed by the fire.

The estate authorities have taken measures to house the displaced at a nearby Kovil and provide them all necessary requirements.

The Bogawanthalawa Police said that the cause of the fire had not been determined yet and the cost of the destruction had also not been determined. Further investigations into the incident is underway.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.