Jan 28, 2019

Did Vavuniya youths don LTTE uniforms to make IDs? Featured

Security forces had arrested six youths who had taken photographs wearing LTTE uniforms.

The security forces had received a tip-off regarding a suspect who had been engaged in LTTE activities, but when they had raided his home, the suspect had fled. However they had searched his house and found the laptop that was left at the house.

Upon examining the contents of the laptop, photos of 21 youths had been found.

The security forces had launched an operation to arrest the youths whose photographs were on the laptop but they only managed to take six of them into custody.

Upon questioning, the arrested youths had denied any knowledge of the others in the photographs, but investigations revealed that they are currently missing.

The security forces suspect that these photographs of the youths wearing the LTTE uniforms, were taken to make them their LTTE identity cards.

Based on this suspicion, when the arrested youths were questioned, they had revealed that these photographs of them in uniform and of them receiving training were sent abroad by individual and collecting funds from overseas.

Upon investigating the information revealed by the youths, the security forces had found that the said individual was Shankar who was conducting operations and the main suspect who had abandoned a bag of weapons and explosives in Puttur-Vavuniya and fled.

Therefore, the security forces suspect that the story said by the youths that the photographs were meant to be sent overseas to collect funds, may not be the truth.

The Vavuniya security forces are conducting extensive investigations into this incident.

(Source : Divaina)