Jan 27, 2019

Proposal to set up a national government? Featured

The UNP has decided to present a proposal to set up a national government before the Budget 2019, in a bid to secure the 113 parliament majority, the 'Ravaya' reports.

The newspaper further says :

In the absence of a national government, the number of cabinet ministerial positions has been limited to 30 with the subjects and scopes of each portfolio being decided by president Maithripala Sirisena.

The president also deciding the number of non cabinet, state and deputy ministerial portfolios as well as Palitha Range Bandara and Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka being eliminated from the list altogether had also fueled the UNP's decision.

The UNP had earlier attempted to establish a national government with the only SLMC MP sitting independently in parliament after the UPFA quit the government. Sources close to PM Ranil Wickremesinghe say that the UNP is intent on securing the support of the SLMC, the TNA as well as that of a group of SLFPers.

When considering the number of crossovers in recent times, the number of MPs in government benches currently stands at 107. With the independent SLMC MP, the figure is 108.

If all 14 TNA MPs join this new proposed national government, the figure will shoot up to 122. However, if this does not succeed, the UNP will have to secure the backing of 05 more MPs to get the parliament majority.

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