Jan 24, 2019

Fire at Bopaththalawa mountain range (pics)

A fire has broken out on the Western border of the Government Farm in the Agrapathana, Bopaththalawa mountain range.

The fire which started around 1.00 this afternoon had spread rapidly throughout the mountain range.

The Bopaththalawa forest reserve is also located within the mountain range and the fire is spreading towards the reserve.

The tributaries of the Keselgamu-Oya that carries water to the Castlereigh reservoir, runs through the mountain range and several estates in the Bogawanthalawa area obtain their drinking water from these streams.

Currently the area is experiencing dry weather and it is suspected that some party had set fire to the forest.

So far no one has intervened in dousing the fire.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksa – Hatton Corr.

Bopaththalawa1 670px 19 01 24

Bopaththalawa2 670px 19 01 24