Jan 23, 2019

Annual transfers worsen situation at IRD Featured

Haphazard annual transfers are blamed for a state of complete disorder at the Department of Inland Revenue (IRD).

Not just the taxpayers, but also the IRD staffers themselves are unable to identify the divisions and the officials responsible for a particular duty.

Staff and trade union suggestions were ignored when giving the transfers and the henchmen of the powers-that-be have been given privileged positions.

As a result, the audit, tax repayment and information divisions have been so overstaffed that some officers are without a place to sit.

A trade unionist said they would bring the irregularities taking place due to this situation of anarchy to the attention of the finance ministry.

He said the director general position of the department should be given to a honest official who has the support of a majority of the employees.

In the meantime, the economic transfers list that should have been issued on December 31, is getting delayed at the hands of certain top administrative officers.