Jan 21, 2019

Inland Revenue Dept. in disarray Featured

The Department of Inland Revenue is in a state of disarray due to the non-appointment of a permanent commissioner general, reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror say.

In the absence of a regular head of department, its administration has become power-hungry and resorted to repressing its employees as well as the taxpayers.

RAMIS, a failure

In the meantime, the Revenue Administration Management Information System (RAMIS) introduced around three years has been a failure.

It cost Rs. one billion to install RAMIS, and the officialdom is trying to portray a rosy picture about it.

Certain senior officials have halted auditing taxpaying institutions and feeding RAMIS with account statements in order to grant illegal profits for those institutions.

Some taxpayers receive notifications from several audit officers, causing them inconvenience and wasting the time and labour of the Department.

RAMIS didn’t cause an increase in taxes

Contrary to the picture being painted by certain officials that RAMIS caused an increase in taxes, the modification of indirect tax ratios led to an increase in state revenue and a reduction in income tax earnings.

According to an employee, failure of RAMIS is shown by officials of several divisions who go shopping or hang around doing nothing during duty hours.