Jan 21, 2019

Senior journalist Rupasiri Widyaratne no more

Sri Lankan veteran journalist Rupasiri Widyaratne had passed away in London on January 19th.

He was 83-years-old at the time of his demise.

Having joined the media in 1960 with the ‘Janadina’ newspaper, served for 12 years before joining the ‘Divaina’ newspaper at its inception. He served for 18 years at Divaina and was a renowned courts correspondent.

However, due to his failing health he bid farewell to his media career and lived with his son former ‘Irudina’ Editor Chatura Widyaratne in London. His funeral will be held in London.

Chatura Widyaratne had placed a Facebook post regarding his father’s demise. “My father went on a long journey. I always held onto my father, but this time he slipped my grip. I hope we meet again in life’s journey…!