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Published on Friday, 27 December 2013 09:23

RoyalBogodaPremaratne 410pxFormer Principal of Royal College and well-known educationist Bogoda Premaratne passed away yesterday (Dec 26).

Bogoda Appuhamilage Premaratne who passed away at the age of 92, was also a former Commissioner of Examinations and then head of the US-SL Fulbright Commission.

He devoted his life to the cause of education of the youth in a changing post colonial society with admirable success. He joined the Department of Education in Sri Lanka and served in various capacities with increasing responsibilities first as a Teacher and later Principal of several Secondary Education Schools and Teacher Training Schools. He ended his civil service career as the Commissioner of Examinations.

He then served at the United States-Sri Lanka Foundation for Fulbright Scholarship as the lead in the selection committee from 1976 to 1988. Concurrently, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Educational Reforms Committee of Sri Lanka in 1980, whose Committee report was accepted and implemented subsequently.

At the request of Sri Lanka’s President, he served as the Secretary of the Ministerial Committee for Education, Cultural and Social Services where he established a new ‘Research Unit for the Social Values’ at the National Institute of Education of Sri Lanka

His cortege lies at No. 31, Jayasinghe Road, (off Balapokuna Road), Colombo 6 and the funeral ceremony will be held on Saturday (Dec 28) at the Kirulapana Public Cemetery at 4.00 pm.

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