Jan 11, 2019

Japan to support improving school facilities in Kegalle

The Government of Japan has decided to provide US$ 89,223 (approx. Rs. 14 million) for “The Project for Improving Facilities of Haloluwa K.V. School in Kegalle District” through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).

This project aims to improve the educational and sanitary environment for the children and teachers of Haloluwa Kanishta Vidyalaya, which currently has limited facilities for proper education. With the assistance of the GGP, the school will construct a new building for classrooms with new desks and chairs, a new access road to the school, a playground and a water distribution system, which enable students to gain basic academic and social skills and expand their learning opportunities.

The grant contract was signed on 10th January 2019 at Haloluwa Kanishta Vidyalaya in Kegalle, between His Excellency Mr. Akira Sugiyama, Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. P.W.G.M.N. Walpola, Principal of Haloluwa Kanishta Vidyalaya.

Commenting on the provision of this grant, Mrs. Walpola stated that “the school is located in the rural area of Kegalle District with many talented students with underprivileged family backgrounds. Currently, due to lack of classrooms, some students have no choice but to study under trees and it is impossible to conduct classes on rainy or harsh sunny days. Sometimes students fall sick due to lack of clean water, and it is also sad to see children playing in a small playground. We are grateful for GGP to develop our school at this time of need. With this new development, we will be also able to increase the number of students attending the school, since currently there is severe shortage of classrooms and many children are prevented from enrollment. The students and staff at Haloluwa K.V. School as well as the surrounding villagers, past pupils and well-wishers are very delighted and sincerely thank the assistance provided by the Japanese Government through the GGP to implement the proposed project to develop our school.”