Jan 11, 2019

214 private, international schools function illegally Featured

More than 214 private and international schools function in the country illegally, an audit conducted using education ministry statistics show.

As per the law, private schools to educate children between five and 14 years of age are not allowed.

The ministry does not have a mechanism to supervise and regulate these schools for their human and physical resources capabilities and to determine if they function in accordance with the national education policies.

It has registered only 80 private schools that operate in accordance with government policies.

Are they companies?

When contacted, founder of Lyceum International School Mohan Lal Grero said private schools were first established in 1978 as companies under the investment act.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin said private schools were illegal and asked if the government was giving them legality by trying to regulate them.

He also alleged the government was making plans to privatize teacher training.