Jan 11, 2019

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s residence at Wijerama Mawatha Featured

R. Sampanthan is to handover the opposition leader’s official residence to Mahinda Rajapaksa following the latter’s recognition by the speaker.

There will be no issue of getting it from Sampanthan, deputy speaker Ananda Kumarasiri has told ‘Ravaya’.

However, when the newspaper raised the matter with Sampanthan, he referred it to his personal secretary Deepika Subasinghe.

The personal secretary requested to consult the public administration ministry which owns the official residence of the opposition leader.

If Rajapaksa gets it, that will be in addition to the Wijerama Mawatha house given him by president Maithripala Sirisena, which was renovated at a cost of Rs. 40 million.

Sampanthan continued to occupy his personal home, a small flat, until nine months into his appointment as the opposition leader.

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