Jan 11, 2019

President-PM clash over BoC chairman Featured

A clash has erupted between president Maithripala Sirisena and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe over the appointment of the chairman of the Bank of Ceylon.

The former has strongly objected to the latter’s recommendation that Ronald C. Perera be reappointed the BoC chairman.

The president has informed the PM that he should recommend someone else, as there were serious financial fraud accusations against Perera, a president’s counsel.

New conditions laid down by the president has denied the positions for many chairmen and directors of state corporations and statutory boards, whose appointments are made on recommendation by the PM.

President’s circular

The president has spelt out guidelines for their appointments through a circular issued on December 31.

They include mandatory degree from a local or foreign university, should be below 70 years of age, experienced in professional and management levels etc.

Wickremesinghe has welcomed the circular and instructed his ministers to work according to it.

He has also appointed a ministerial committee, comprising Kabir Hashim, Sagala Ratnayake and Gayantha Karunatilake, to look into qualifications of nominees as chairmen and directors of state corporations and statutory boards.

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