Jan 08, 2019

4th anniversary of Maithri coming to power, today!

Today, (January 08) marks the 4th Anniversary of President Maithripala Sirisena’s appointment as the 6th Executive President of Sri Lanka.

He ousted former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and won the election based on a pledge to fulfil the aspirations of the people and establish a peaceful country and sustainable development.

In 2015, Sirisena contested as the common candidate under the United National Front (UNF) and secured over 6.2 million votes.

The President who ousted Mahinda Rajapaksa, once again engaged in a conspiracy on October 26 last year, to bring in his opponent as the Prime Minister.

In order to invoke blessings on the President, an overnight Pirith chanting and Dhamma preaching was held at the President’s house last night (07) to bless the President.

Many religious events have been organized island wide to mark the fourth anniversary of the Presidency of President Sirisena.

For the first time in Sri Lankan history, a President had voluntarily consented to limiting the powers of the Executive Presidency, by the 19th amendment to the Constitution and is said to be the first President to do so.