Jan 07, 2019

Mihin Lanka paid lease for astrologer Sumanadasa’s car Featured

Astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena says Mihin Lanka had paid Rs. 8.2 million to LOLC finance company in lieu of the car obtained on lease and given him by Mahinda Rajapaksa when he was the president.

Abeygunawardena was giving evidence before the presidential commission that inquires into irregularities at SriLankan and Mihin Lanka Airlines.

He said he was given the car in 2007 and its keys were handed over to him by Rajapaksa’s chief bodyguard Maj. Neville Wanniarachchi.

He had used it for eight years, until 2015, when the government changed, and LOLC took it away.

The two airlines had obtained 26 cars on lease from LOLC, for which a Rs. 8.2 m loan had been obtained from Seylan Bank.